Jim Seidmanís Page

Please forgive the simplicity of this page. I have it here just to help people who are using a search engine to try to track me down. Iím the same Jim Seidman who attended Harvey Mudd College and worked at Spyglass, Motorola, MyPoints.com, Verascape, and fastmobile, and now lives in Naperville, IL. If youíre an old acquaintance, Iíd love to hear from you.

Iím not going to publish my email address here due to the number of spambots trolling the web. However, you know my name is Jim, and you now know my domain is seidman.net, so you can make an educated guess.

If rather than getting in touch you were just looking for information about me, you can look at my LinkedIn profile.

Just for the benefit of the search engines, Iíll mention that Iíve also used various name variations such as ďJames Seidman,Ē ďJames L. Seidman,Ē and ďJim L. Seidman.Ē